CUNY School of Law

Case Studies

CUNY is the premier social justice law school in the country. Despite earning this praise, CUNY was not immune to the downward turn in enrollment occurring at law schools. Students are decreasingly pursing law degrees because of the hostile and expensive environments. CUNY is recognized not only because of its faculty and curriculum that are dedicated to defending public rights, but also because its affordability. The market is saturated with traditional law schools that can cost as much as $25,000 dollars a semester. CUNY’s 2014 full-time rate was just below $8,000.  In order to attract prospective students, CUNY needed messaging tactics that were as progressive as the school itself. MoK2 sought to have the inspiration and dedication of CUNY’s student body permeate through non-traditional recruitment tactics.


The collective passion of the students can be felt immediately upon stepping foot on the CUNY campus. Our goal was to have this emotion manifest itself through a comprehensive strategy that included all of the school’s communication channels: from the admissions brochures to the website. CUNY’s media-averse, forward-thinking students were not going to be receptive to a traditional marketing campaign. Instead, MoK2 developed an outreach strategy that did not bear any resemblance to an advertising campaign. In order to genuinely resonate with the particular niche of students that CUNY was seeking, our team crafted thoughtful messages that the students would amplify themselves.  Stickers, posters, and carefully targeted online messages were pivotal to increasing enrollment numbers at the school.