Better behavioral health through better business


Infinity Behavioral Health Services

Infinity Behavioral is a revenue management company focused on better behavioral healthcare through better business. Providers nationwide trust Infinity to maximize revenue capture and utilization in order to enhance outcomes for both their patients and their practice. Over the last 10 years, we have partnered with Infinity to optimize their branding, culture definition, and marketing at key stages of their growth from a start-up to multi-billion dollar billing management. We have helped them to define and expand their digital footprint through growth-focused brand positioning, the development of multiple generations of their website as well as strategic digital marketing and outreach to position customized offerings to key audiences. As a clinician-owned firm Infinity's approach is human-centered around their client's specific needs and patient outcomes. Our goal has always been to bring the humanity of their approach to the forefront. Powered by industry intelligence and customized messaging, we have strategically driven significant ROI and brand building.

A recent campaign was set to launch on the day our offices shifted to remote working due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This meant that most of the direct sales massaging of this campaign instantly fell out of tone with what was happening in the larger world. We had to pivot the entire campaign to one that supported the challenges their clients faced then evolved the messaging and the offering to position it's value to providers dealing with the demand and undefined impact of the pandemic on mental health. Our goal was 2 fold, to provide valuable information in a rapidly changing business environment and to improve awareness and lead generation for Infinity. Listening and engaging from an authentic, objective place is an essential part of successful brand building and marketing.

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