Evolving a brand for the future of Boston


Metro Housing Boston

Metro Housing | Boston (formerly Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership) is passionate about families thriving in homes they can afford. For over 30 years they have helped individuals and families with low and moderate incomes in Greater Boston to achieve invaluable access to services that can lead them to safe, affordable housing. The organization has a stellar reputation within city, state and federal circles. However, leadership recognized that in order to meet the future needs and challenges of affordable housing in Boston the brand must evolve. There was a need to enhance support from donors and the public by telling an updated, more relevant story about who they were and the great work they do. We were asked to help them do this. We first provided a foundation of informed, creative strategies that helped the teams understand and mold the way the world saw them. We then provided actionable tools to engage evolution. Their name, though well known within close circles was cumbersome and challenging when interacting with a broader audience. We were able to maximize it's significant equity while making it more relevant and memorable. Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership became Metro Housing Boston. The development of a new logo and identity, messaging and outreach led the way for the cultural and communication shifts needed. We partnered with their architects and interior designers to infuse this newly polished brand into the new headquarters through thoughtful visual and experiential touchpoints within the spaces. Outreach to the public was positioned through strategic campaigns that creatively connected.

Brand Strategy
Capital Fundraising Campaign Development
Interior Branding
Intranet Design and Development
Naming and Identity Design
Website Design & Development