Launching conscious culinary


Miami Culinary Institute

Miami Dade College saw the opportunity to establish a culinary school at the forefront of sustainability and food culture. MoK2 was approached to help refine that concept and develop the brand touch points strategically, messaging and a multi-faceted outreach campaign that positioned the school and defined its perception among students and the public, then raised awareness to increase enrollment in the new program. We were able to define and infuse the brand's essence that was authentic to its sustainable mission through informed development and strategies. We provided visual and experiential tools to help the brand live up to the tagline "food, culture, innovation". This essence was infused in every aspect of the original brand. We were able to work with the development team to deliver an experience that could be seen, heard, and felt across all interfaces: from interiors to communication, advertising, and unique enrollment outreach. Whether it was a food truck called "Alphabite," or an unexpected interaction with a vending machine, a scratch and sniff hallway, or a spinning community planting guide, every touchpoint or message was creatively fashioned to engage a conversation about sustainability, healthy eating, and the creative satisfaction of a culinary career. The integrated approach included various strategies incorporated into naming, identity, communication, interior experiences, marketing, and even the curriculum. Developing the right messaging and brand strategy was essential to positioning Miami Culinary Institute as a trusted, one-of-a-kind educational experience that prepares its students for a successful, responsible, and conscious career in the culinary arts.