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Case study

Miami Culinary Institute

Miami Dade College saw the opportunity to establish a culinary school that would be at the forefront of sustainability and food culture. MoK2 was approached to help refine the idea as well as strategically execute a multi-faceted messaging campaign to raise awareness for and increase enrollment in the new program. MoK2 took this concept and gave it the personality and soul behind the tagline “food, culture, innovation.” We ensured that this mission manifested itself in everything the school did. MoK2 developed an experience that could be seen and felt across all interfaces: from interiors, to advertising and unique promotional plans.

Miami Culinary Institute’s message was communicated through creative tactics such as a food truck called “Alphabite,” that served on local, in-season food prepared by student chefs. Another approach included a vending machine that gave away vegetable seeds to further reinforce the importance of real ingredients prepared and grown with patience. These outreach programs successfully facilitated a conversation about sustainability and healthy eating. MoK2’s integrated approach included an array of strategies that ranged from advising the school on their curriculum to naming and design. Developing the proper messaging and brand strategy were essential to positioning Miami Culinary Institute as a one-of-a-kind educational experience that prepares its students for a successful and responsible career in the culinary arts.

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