Positioning law in the service of humanity

CUNY School of Law in New York is the premier social justice law school in the country. MOK2's directive was to find a few golden needles in a haystack of potential applicants. Qualifying and increasing recruitment was the goal. Our role was to define and leverage the brand's passion into practical tools that would attract and relate to a distinctive group of applicants while differentiating this law school from a sea of options. This required a comprehensive strategy that included all of the school's communication channels and the admissions and retention processes to maximize available digital and print touchpoints.

CUNY's media-savvy, progressive, future students are famously unreceptive to traditional marketing. Our broad campaign involved developing an intensely authentic voice that took risks in speaking to potential applicants in a language they related to when they were most receptive to listening. It necessitated unique and effective tools that separated CUNY Law from every other law school through strong online, off-line, and location-based tactics.


CUNY School of Law | New York

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