Better behavioral health through better business

Infinity Behavioral is a revenue management company focused on better behavioral healthcare through better business. Providers nationwide trust Infinity to maximize revenue capture and utilization to enhance their patients’ outcomes and practice. Over the last fifteen years, we have partnered with Infinity to optimize their branding, culture definition, and marketing at key stages of their growth from a start-up to a multi-billion dollar company. We have helped them define and expand their digital footprint through growth-focused brand positioning, the development of multiple generations of their website, and strategic digital marketing and outreach to position customized offerings to key audiences.

As a clinician-owned firm, Infinity’s approach is human-centered around their client’s specific needs and patient outcomes. Our goal has always been to authentically represent the humanity of their approach while using industry intelligence and highly customer-centric messaging to drive ROI and brand building.


Infinity Behavioral Health Services

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