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Maloney Properties

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Maloney Properties has been known as the "people people" of real estate in Boston since 1981. Managing over 11,000 mixed-use housing units in 80 communities across New England, providing exceptional brokerage services, and unique development partnerships have earned Maloney Properties a reputation for excellence and industry-leading service.

This company is all about being "human," which is evident in its empathetic, customer-centric service, and culture. However, this story was not effectively translated into their brand positioning, communication, and outreach. Even in well-established organizations, this type of issue can affect the time and expense needed for business development, growth and recruitment. We were brought on board to provide strategies and tools to help Maloney Properties evolve their brand (both internally and externally) by telling the more profound stories of who they are and where they are going as a company. We created authentic, outcome-focused tools and experiences building on 30 years of equity while authentically representing the people at the core of the brand.

It takes courage to shift a brand visually, verbally, and operationally; however, we provided the Malony teams with informed strategies to make the shift as easy as possible. The new logo and identity, website, marketing, outward messaging, and internal protocol provide the communication tools and assets for this dynamic brand to evolve their culture, their outreach, and in so doing enhance and grow their business and revenue.