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A big comeback is always cool and sexy.

10 Tips to Guide Your (R)evolution into the new normal.

Even if it is months (hopefully not years) away, a big comeback is always cool and sexy. A comeback only works if we make it better than we were before we needed a comeback. Most brands are still figuring out what a comeback means to them. This manifests itself as evolution or even revolution in their messaging, marketing, and the way they see themselves. These months have brought about a significant shift in perspective about brands’ role and value in people’s lives and the world. The pandemic has highlighted humanity in the equation, but it has also made the physical and digital environment in which brands operate more complex.

Innovation in your brand is no longer a luxury but a necessity to make a strong comeback. Innovation is great in any version of the future but think of how powerful it is right now.

At MOK2, our core focus is Branding HumanTM; we have worked with many brands to innovate and connect people, planet and profit and more recently to empower them to transition authentically into a brave new world. Our multi-industry network of specialists provide insight and strategies to help brands adapt and innovate.

We have seen how this pandemic has impacted brands, it has inspired some while shaking others.

Confidence has taken a beating due to uncertainty but one thing is certain, smart innovation and adaptation are essential to success in the future. We have developed new services and packages to make the next steps easier for brands. They are designed to meet the specific needs, timing and budgets of this new normal.

Accelerate Your Next Step Fearlessly

With an experienced, informed team behind you. Executing the details. Your next big (or small) step can be innovative, creative and aligned with both your clients evolving expectations and your business goals.

Tell us more about your needs to see the services or packages designed to fit them:

  •  Investor proposals and positioning
  • Name and Brand identity development
  • Website design and development
  • Signage, packaging design
  • Marketing positioning and execution
  • Specific projects – (i.e a marketing piece)
  • Custom packages 
  • Rethink your brand or start something new – Positioning and communications strategy
  • Ensure your marketing is effective in the new normal – Marketing and communication strategy
  • Effectively promote your organization, product or service – Creative and strategic marketing development and execution
  • Evolve your website and brand communication – Creative and strategic marketing development and execution
  • Connect – your audience, your team and your messages to the new, evolving environment.
  • Position – your communication and marketing for relevance, growth and efficacy.
  • Support – your marketing team with a strategic, highly relevant recommendations
  • Execute – Innovative, Human Branding, Marketing and communications.

We grow smart brands

We tell deeper, more relevant stories and build authentic connections between brands and the people who matter to them. We grow meaningful brands through strategic activation, marketing and promotion.

Brand Innovation

The strategies and tactics required to define meaning, establish relevance and reach objectives.

Brand Experience

Exceptional visual, verbal and experiential moments that engage and share a brand’s essence. We develop and design beautiful, multi-media communication tools that connect your brand’s purpose with your audience

Brand Activation, Marketing & Promotion

Brand activation and promotion driven by strategic planning and implementation of digital and contextual marketing and messaging to reach the right people at the right time.

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