From value to bespoke - the transition of a travel brand to connect to it's new audience

Fly biz For Less, a value-oriented travel portal, approached us to help them reposition their brand to connect to their growing client base of business and first-class travelers more effectively. We began by aligning their internal perception with that of their discerning clients. We also renamed the company to FlyBiz Concierge to maximize the existing equity while better positioning the name to describe their bespoke services.

A highly customized outreach campaign helped to transition select existing clients and increase client acquisition. This campaign (digital, direct mail, direct contact) involved strategic positioning and messaging to reach the marketing-averse audience effectively. We also redesigned the online user experience to align with the simplified, direct access requirements of bespoke travel fulfillment which supported the level of service delivered. The resulting new client acquisition has been over 30%, along with a complete transition of selected existing client accounts. Successful branding involves looking from the outside in to understand how to connect authentically.


FlyBiz Concierge

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