The evolution of an iconic brand

The Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami (MOCA NOMI) is known for presenting research-driven, thought-provoking exhibitions that feature under-explored art and artists from around the globe. The museum was looking to enhance its long-standing brand so that it may reestablish itself on the international art scene and have more flexibility in showcasing its programming to its target audiences and local community.

A custom geometric logo design using its moniker “MOCA NOMI” was created to build on the equity of the nickname used by its patrons and to provide the foundation for a dynamic design system that would support the brand’s use across various formats and sub-brands. The graphic nature of the logo’s lettering translates to patterns and graphic embellishments that appear throughout the brand materials while a versatile color palette gives the museum the range it requires for everything from brand communications to children’s and adult programming.

We also developed a new website experience that better highlighted event assets and their artwork collection while providing more intuitive access to important information for museum visitors and supporters.


Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami

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